The Effective Prayers of a Leader

This past weekend was a marking one for our church.  Near the end of our service we created space for people to come forward and receive prayer.  Floods of people began moving forward…seeking prayer to break the chains of sin in their life…desiring prayers that God would send them and use them to build His Kingdom.

Each prayer moment was powerful, however there were a few moments that stood out above the rest.  I stood at the front of our stage along with other pastoral staff ready to offer up prayer for whoever came forward.  I stood back and watched as one volunteer after another bypassed our pastoral staff to seek out and find specific volunteer leaders to pray over them.  This was in no way a knock on our pastors – it was a fresh reminder of the depth of influence a volunteer leader has in the life of their team members.

Volunteer leaders are the lifeblood of a growing church (Click to tweet).  Whether you are a business person, teacher, health care worker, stay at home parent…no matter what your role in life – your church cannot thrive if you hold back.  The Church will not be all God intends it to be unless volunteer leaders step up (Click to tweet).

As I watched various volunteers come forward this past Sunday and seek out his or her team leader I was reminded how intentional we must be as leaders.  Whether you lead a team or a small group or any form of gathering where people come together – God has given you some level of influence.  If you have spiritual influence: leverage it, tend to it, use it well, serve wholeheartedly – advance the Kingdom(Click to tweet)

Everyone has some level of influence – whether it is with a handful of people or thousands.  Wherever you have influence remember that people could always use someone else to:

  • Care for them
  • Pray for them
  • Give Godly insight
  • Challenge them

Make sure that the essence of your leadership is more than coordinating people on a schedule.  Use your influence to do more than take people through a book, or have them accomplish tasks.  God uses environments such as volunteer teams and small groups to transform the hearts of men and women, and you are the tool He plans to use in the process.


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