Leave Me Alone

Don’t you hate interruptions? There is nothing more frustrating than trying to focus on something or someone only to have your attention pulled in other directions. How are you supposed to accomplish anything of value or impact when you have to deal with interruptions?

I have spent the last few years trying to get better when it comes to interruptions. You see I used to assume all interruptions were bad. The truth is God uses interruptions in our lives. Interruptions are the key way that God keeps us on His purpose instead of our own plans. (Click to tweet) I’m not saying that every interruption is from God. However we are often inclined to view interruptions as a distraction from our purpose, but often times interruptions are a shoulder tap from God so he can invite us into what he is doing.

Layered throughout the Bible are stories of people who were living on purpose only to be tapped on the shoulder by God with an interruption. The interruption was not intended to pull them away from God’s plan… But to get them on the same page for God’s plan.

Under pressure I am still prone to view interruptions as a bad thing. Here are a few things I try to keep in mind when interruptions comes knocking at my door or tapping me on the shoulder:

1) People are the Mission – when you are called to lead & serve a group of people you have to view interruptions differently. When you are with those people they are not an interruption but rather a divine appointment you didn’t know about.

2) Just because it is unimportant to me does not mean it is unimportant – sometimes God will use an interruption to pull your heart to a place it needs to be. We have all experienced caring about something that others seem to ignore. Sometimes interruptions come because God wants to bring your attention to something that matters to Him.

3) The next interruption might be my next God story – God has a way of meeting us in the middle of ordinary and inviting us into extraordinary. The one thing that is required is for us to pause in a moment and consider whether you are being distracted from what God has for you or interrupted for what God has for you. The next time an interruption pulls at you consider whether this might be a God story in the making.

What are the interruptions God has brought into your life lately to lead you into His plan?

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