You Have More Capacity

I recently filmed a brief (3 minute) teaching on the idea of capacity in our lives.  Take a few minutes, listen in and consider where you might have more capacity than you realize.

I believe there are 2 things that are true of you right now:

  1. God wants to entrust you with more responsibility – but is waiting on you to create margin in your life. (click to tweet)
  2. God is able to expand your capacity so that you can carry more – but you have to be willing to grow. (click to tweet)


One thought on “You Have More Capacity

  1. I think for me…the willingness is there…but the direction is missing. I have always filled up my “spare time” with other activities…things I am interested in…but with no real value except for space filler. Kind of like empty boxes in your moving van analogy so the valuable things don’t fall in transit. The key…of which I have a hard time with…is identifying other valuable items to replace the empty box space.


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