Relational Risks – Are you Liberal or Conservative?

Some of my favorite sports quotes come from sports I do not actually follow.

Even though I do not follow hockey, golf or racing I love these quotes because they remind me of something valuable. Risk is essential for growth. Moving into the unknown requires some level of risk. (Click to tweet)

One of the greatest risks you can take on your team is inviting someone new into the mix. Every new person changes the dynamic of the team in some way. When people are comfortable and relationships are strong it can be hard to stir the relational waters by adding someone new.

Each of us has the ability to be conservative or liberal when it comes to relational risks. My encouragement to you today would be this: take the next risk.

Whatever team you represent you have the ability to take a more conservative approach and avoid relational risks. You could chose to only bring people onto your team when they are a sure thing – tried, tested and proven. You will miss out on involving a lot of great people, but you will be able to avoid risk.

You could also take a more liberal approach and lean into relational risks. Invite people in, even if you are not sure of them. Every once and a while you will experience a bit of chaos because you took a risk and it did not work out. But remember, “you miss 100% of the shots you never take.” At some people each of us was a risk, but someone took a chance and hopefully those same people would look and say that the risk was worth it.

One day each of us will have to answer for the risks we took and those we did not take. Risk believing in people and see the potential(Click to tweet)

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