How Much is Too Much?

Does your team have a limit? When you think about your team is there a “max” number that can serve? I would suggest that you hurt the health of your team when you have a max capacity in mind.

The mark of a thriving ministry is growth. This is similar to, but still different than Ricky Bobby theology (“If you ain’t first, you’re last”). Ministry in its very nature should move people from the fringe towards the core. (click to tweet) This is a constantly process. It looks very different in various church contexts, but the reality of growth is always present in a thriving ministry.

This creates a tension for those of us who lead teams. For some it could seem odd that the idea of growth creates tension for a team or a leader. Go back to the question I posed earlier: How many people can fit on your team? What is your max? We tend to think of teams as having a capacity, much like a worship center, a music venue or a car.

Teams, specifically teams within a church context, require a different way of thinking when it comes to capacity. This is best felt when you consider the purpose of your team. Generally there are two options:

  • We exist to accomplish ________
  • We exist to grow and mature the people on our team

If your goal is to accomplish a task, you will begin to build the team towards a natural lid. However when your goal is to grow and mature the people on the team, you will begin finding new ways to fit more people.

The reality of leading is there can be no cap. You and I must remove the cap, the lid that says there is a max capacity on the team. Whether your team is 2-3 people or 200-300 people it is crucial that growth is encouraged and not stifled. This creates tension, but tension makes us stronger.

We must change the way we view our role as leaders. Our role is to help move people from the fringe to the core…that they would grow in spiritual maturity. The purpose of serving is to mature us. The method to mature people is found in the roles and tasks of your team. (click to tweet)

If you serve in the church, you are not here to “get stuff done.” You are here so something can happen within you, and “getting stuff done” is simply the path for your growth.


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