How to Develop a Team

What are you doing to develop yourself and those you lead?

Every team needs a clear plan for ongoing development. If you do not strategically develop the people you lead you are rolling the dice when it comes to results and morale. Unfortunately many leaders keep themselves so busy they are never able to implement a plan for development.

A person will continue growing when they have 2 forms of development active in their life: corporate (group) development and personal development.

Personal development is a responsibility in the hands of each one of us. There are more personal leadership books available than I could ever hope to count. So let’s talk about the development that happens within your team. All of us belong to some sort of team. Whether you see your teammates every day, every week or just randomly throughout the year…you belong as part of a team.

So what should development look like in the context of your team? There are 3 key components in the developmental process for a team:

  • Vision (Annual)- Bill Hybel’s once said that, “vision leaks.” Now it leaks at a different rate depending on each person, but it leaks over time from all of us. Once a year it is wise to gather the team together and pour in fresh inspiration. Find a time each year to gather for alignment and help your team remember why their service matters.
  • Training (Semi-Annual) – We all come with different levels of competencies when we join the team. Training helps ensure that we are sharp and prepared for our role. On-going training offers the members of a team a chance to grow in a new skill or hone their talents and abilities. Find a couple of times a year where you gather people together to help them get better at what they do.
  • Encouragement (Quarterly) – One of the most powerful fuels for a team member is positive reinforcement. Discouragement can set in well before our vision tank runs dry or our skills get dull. An intentional habit of encouragement will carry a team member farther than you would ever imagine. Find a way at least every 2-3 months to intentional encourage members of your team.

Healthy team development results from an ongoing combination of inspiring vision, sharping of skills and intentional encouragement.

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