Surviving the Mystery Room

Have you ever been to a mystery room? We have one in our area and I have been able to go a couple of times with teams that I work with – and it is quiet the experience. The idea is that a group of you is locked in a room and has 45 minutes to solve a mystery. The room has various clues hidden – some in plain sight. Going to the mystery room is a fun experience because it cultivates teamwork and also drives some people crazy.

I love the pressure of the mystery room because it is just a small microcosm of spiritual leadership within the church. Here are 3 simple truths I have found from the mystery room – 3 things that are true in the room and true in your leadership at church:

  • The solution you need is available; you just might not see it – One of the basic rules of the mystery room is that you have everything within the room that you need to solve the mystery. That is such a powerful thought to remember in our spiritual leadership. Andy Stanley has a great saying that has stuck with me – What God originates He orchestrates. If God has called you to something, He has supplied you with everything you need to do it. The solutions are available to you; however when it comes to spiritual realities we sometimes struggle to see the answers God has provided.
  • Your peers have a perspective you could use – God created each of us with different gifts, talents, abilities and perspectives. Often times the challenges that God puts in our leadership world are there to force us to lean into community. He has put people in your world that can see things you cannot see. Leverage the relationships of those you serve alongside, their perspective could greatly benefit your area of leadership.
  • There is a person outside the room that knows more than you – There has been more than one time when we have been in the mystery room and gotten stuck unable to figure out our next move. In those moments we need to remember that there is a game-maker outside the room that will offer help when we ask. He usually peaks his head in the door to ask a question or two and provide basic guidance for the mystery. When you get stuck in your spiritual leadership how quickly do you pause and ask God for help? It is a beautiful mystery that God is both outside your situation available to help and intimately involved in your situation with you.

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