Three Ways to Encourage Volunteers in a Growth Season

Change is always complex.  We as humans become very settled in what we know, and when change is presented it can throw us off.  Change moves us from settled to unsettled and requires maturity and leadership to figure out navigating it well.

When an organization or team is committed to growth, they are signing themselves up for change.  Growth at its very core is a change in a positive direction.  The question becomes how do we lead our volunteers well in a season of growth?  Like all people, volunteers become comfortable with the current state of the team.  The goal is to help volunteers stay motivated and encouraged in the midst of change.

Here are 3 ways to encourage volunteers when in a growth (change) season:

  • Give Them a Part to Play – people want to be in the action, they would rather be on the field of play than in the stands. Volunteers receive encouragement from the action – if the team is going to grow they should be able to say they played a part.  You want to be able to say to your volunteers, “we could not have done it without you!”
  • Highlight Their Strengths – it does not matter whether a volunteer is emotionally strong or weak; they want to know they add value to the team. Help frame the thinking of the people on your team by acknowledging their strengths.  This not only encourages them but also helps communicate that team growth is about vision, not about compensating for something that is lacking on the team.
  • Stay Committed to Growth No Matter What – the greatest encouragement a volunteer can receive is the confidence that they are a part of something great. While growth can bring out insecurities in team members, everyone can find encouragement and confidence when they know they are following a leader who is committed to the vision.  As a leader, stay committed to team growth no matter the challenges that arise and your volunteers will find themselves encouraged and inspired by being a part of something great.

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