Vision Leaks

There is a really pesky thing that happens to my car every so often.  I am not “Mr. Fix It” when it comes to automobiles, so car issues can really stress me out.  Additionally I am notorious for packing my calendar out – I never have time for car issues (but who does?).  I have driven old clunkers and new vehicles, and no matter the vehicle there is this one issue that always comes up and it drives me nuts! Moving down the road from point A to point B I will suddenly hear a ding and see a random light pop up on my dashboard.  The light is the gas can showing me that I am almost out of gas!

Now the gas light coming on should not be a big deal right?  Cars need gas and while different vehicles can hold different amounts of fuel, eventually they all run dry and need to be refueled.  Fuel runs out in a car, and the same is true for every volunteer you work with.

There is a simple principle I first learned from Pastor Bill Hybels that has affected the way I view every organization, every mission and every person: Vision Leaks.

No matter the size of the tank, the capability of the leader or the scope of the vision – vision leaks.  People get fired up around vision and it is like a full tank of gas in your car; you feel like you could drive forever.  Over time the fuel runs low, and so does vision.  Because vision leaks – we as leaders must find ways to impart vision regularly to the people we lead.

No matter the focus of your team vision, there are 3 things you can do to give fresh vision (fuel) to those you lead:

Cultivate Fresh Passion in Yourself – Go back to the reasons why you originally bought into the vision. There was a moment and a place where you went from fan in the stands to a player on the field; take time to remember when you were first caught up in the vision of what could be.  Your original buy in is the reason you are leading the team.

Report Progress on the Visions Achievement – People desire to be on a winning team. Reporting progress means giving results that allow team members to see how their time and energy is going to fulfill the vision.  Vision isn’t fully realized in a short period of time, but progress reports are mile markers on the highway taking your team towards an expected future.

Share Real Life Stories of the Vision Fulfilled – Stories are the emotional and spiritual material of vision fulfilled. Numbers and graphics can help show where there is momentum.  However the best way to show the embodiment of a fulfilled vision is to share stories that highlight the reason the team exists.


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