Build God’s Church

For a number of years now, I have been walking and growing in my unique call from God.  Not everyone has one of those “moments” where they sense God calling them to something specific – and not everyone needs one.  I don’t want to over value or undervalue what that means to a person – however that moment has been integral in where I am today.  I was at a Leadership Summit listening to fantastic teaching, and I heard a line that I had heard before – but I heard it with new ears this time.  Bill Hybels was speaking on the idea of the local church and he said a line that I have probably heard said hundreds of times – “the Local Church is the Hope of the World.”

Now I don’t know what that statement does to your soul – but I can tell you it arrested mine.  While it has been some 15 years since that moment, the power of it is still evident today.  I still don’t know that I can fully describe what happened – but from that moment I knew that God had created me to do one singularly focused thing with my life.  He was actually very clear with me – there were many different things I could choose to do with my life, but if I wanted a life that included fulfilment and joy I only had 1 option.  I don’t know if that is the way it works for other people, but I know it is true for me.  There is one focused thing I was given gifts, talents, personality and ability to do:

Build God’s Church

The last 15 years of my life have been a time of learning and growing into that call.  Through different ministry opportunities God has slowly refined the call in my life to help me find even greater focus.  You see I have discovered that you can’t build the Church without people.  More specifically you can’t build the Church without teaching people how to help build it.  Without vision and plans and intentions to involve people in the mission of the church we will stay exactly where we are now.  Connecting people into meaningful ministry is essential if you want to Build God’s Church.

In recent years I have had many opportunities to learn, test and tinker when it comes to building teams, maintaining teams and growing teams.  My experiences (along with God’s Kindness) have taught me a lot and I am still learning so much.  This site is a place where I will share different insights and lessons I have learned along the way.

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