Be the Reason

Far too often we allow the outcome to be dictated by our environment. The small group did not launch because not enough people joined. We broke up because it just was not working out. Our team could not accomplish all we wanted because the task was too much. My family is distant because our calendars … More Be the Reason

Do You Need Help?

I love weekends of high pressure and high movement at the church.  Whether we are creating space for an altar call, throwing a big party, launching a new initiative or simply giving out 17,000 t-shirts – high pressure weekends are a blast for me.  Now before you categorize me as an endorphin junkie, let me … More Do You Need Help?

Keep it Relational

I’ve had a number of seasons where I attempt healthy eating. My wife and I have tried doing the Paleo things, we have done Whole30, and lots of other plans for cleaning up your eating habits.  Probably the most frustrating thing about many of those plans is that they work.  If I could be honest … More Keep it Relational

Building a Farm Team

Have you ever appreciated the development process that exists in professional sports?  Take for instance baseball.  My wife has recently become a baseball fan, which is proof that miracles still happen today.  A baseball club has a complex system of developmental levels which help to ensure a steady flow of top notch talent to their … More Building a Farm Team