Eight Things I Wish People Heard From Us When We Serve

When we serve we use actions to communicate something beyond words.  Most of us have heard the axiom that “Our actions speak louder than our words.”  Through service we communicate things that are either beyond our ability to articulate or beyond others ability to receive with their ears.  Sometimes it is helpful to consider what things we wish people would hear and know as we serve them.

Here are 8 things I wish people would “hear” from Jesus followers when they are served:

  • I am more flawed than you know

  • The love of God is more expansive and covering than you could ever imagine

  • We have more in common than you might imagine

  • You are noticed, appreciated and loved by God

  • You are unique, but your story is not unique

  • I have time for you

  • You don’t have to be like me to be accepted by me

  • I want the best for you


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