The Exponential Power of Prayer

Every leader longs for unique momentum in the arenas where they lead.  It is a special thing when you feel the wind at your back… to know that your results are not limited to the effort you’re bringing to the table.  This is exactly why so many people express a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  We want to give our limited time and energy and see things happen that are beyond our imagination.

This is why the invitation to partner with God in prayer is so important.  In prayer, we invite the supernatural presence and power of God to encounter us in the natural world. In prayer, we find the limited resources of man can be used to produce unlimited results.

Writer and pastor Andrew Murray captured this thought so well in his book With Christ in the School of Prayer when he noted:

Who can say what power a church could develop and exercise, if it gave itself to the work of prayer day and night for the coming of the Kingdom, for God’s power on his servants and His word, for the glorifying of God and the salvation of souls?

There is an exponential power that comes from the work of prayer.  Much like a relay race for prizes of eternal significance, in prayer we partner with God for the work of the Kingdom.  That is why our attention to prayer is so important.

What opportunities sit in front of you that require a partnership with God in prayer?  What are the things God would accomplish in your church and community if you would lean into the exponential power of prayer?  We can hardly dream up or comprehend the results God could accomplish if we would abandon ourselves to dependence on Him in prayer.

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