The Greatest Celebration

I have a habit of really celebrating while watching sports.  When it comes to football, this was a good weekend.  I was able to watch my Bulldogs and my Falcons win some close games.  When I watch my team pick up a big win I celebrate without holding back.  Unfortunately, Saturday night that included accidently waking up my pregnant wife because I was celebrating so loudly. (sorry Cami!)

Consider for a moment your own personal level of celebration in life.  Whether it be at sporting events, concerts, work accomplishments, family mile-markers… how do you tend to celebrate? Now I want you to think about your church and one of the greatest celebratory moments in Church – baptism.

How do celebrate when someone is baptized?  Don’t think about what other people do, or what is happening around you…what happens in your mind and heart when you watch someone get baptized?

The purpose of this post is very simple, my goal is that you would become a fanatic during baptisms in church.

Does that mean go in with chest paint and foam fingers?  No.

However the heart, attitude and level of passion we bring to a baptism celebration really matters. Think about it how much a person celebrates when a touchdown is scored, or when a promotion is given.  Those are pretty cool things worthy of celebration.  How much more should we celebrate when someone takes the step of baptism?

I’d encourage you to celebrate absurdly loud.  Over the top.  Many of us tend to stay reserved in these moments…because we would rather not look crazy. I would suggest that the reality of salvation and baptism are pretty crazy…and worthy of an over the top response.  Someone going from death to life…that is just CRAZY.  The Son of God willingly giving His life for the sake of you and me…that is CRAZY.

One last thought on this – celebration comes when we realize what we had originally set out to accomplish.  We serve in hopes that we would glorify God and point people to Him.  When someone says yes to Jesus and goes public with that decision in baptism it is worthy of a loud celebration.  Isn’t that like winning the championship?  Is there any greater prize in our service that being a part of the story when someone comes to faith?

The next time you are able to witness baptisms I want to challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.  I want to encourage you to take your celebration up a few notches.  Let the moment of baptisms be the moment that you bring out your greatest celebration.


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