Expect God to Move

Make me now Thy chosen chalice,
Giving drink that makes men whole.

Do you bank on God to be present and active? In your personal life, in your family, in your career or in your church…do you bank on the idea that God will show up and will move among you? Your answer will help dictate how you prepare, how you show up and how you serve in any environment.

Consider weekends like the one coming up. We are on the front end of Easter weekend. Some will engage this weekend just like any other. There are 52 weekends a year and this is just one of them. However if you believe God is present and active – you will engage this weekend a bit differently. If you trust and know that God wants to move throughout the Church on Easter weekend you are likely to act a little different this weekend.

As you look ahead to potentially big weekends at your church, consider the impact that is possible as God moves among you. He wants to make Himself known among you this weekend. Perhaps the best thing you can do now is to prepare your mind and heart by expecting Him to show up and expecting Him to move in a powerful way. When it comes to big events and big weekends it is natural to do the external work of preparing…to tend to the logistics, communication and details. Be sure to tend to the inward work of preparing as well.

It is fully possible to be about the work of God and at the same time be out of alignment with the heart of God. (Click to tweet) Therefore as we approach big moments such as Easter weekend I have found it helpful to return to a brief but powerful prayer to help realign my mind and heart.

As you prepare for all that God might do among you this Easter weekend, consider making this your prayer:

Make me now Thy chosen chalice,
Giving drink that makes men whole.

We are invited to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who is the embodiment of this prayer. Jesus was the ultimate chose chalice. He was the cup, the chosen container by which God would deliver salvation. It is by the work of Jesus that we are made whole. We are invited to live in alignment with Jesus and follow Him – to take on the very nature of a servant so that others might experience a full (whole) life.

God has positioned you intentionally – wherever you are at in life it is not accidental. He has you at your current post to make a difference for Him. So wherever you are today, I encourage you to offer up this simple prayer:

Make me now Thy chosen chalice,
Giving drink that makes men whole.


*This prayer is found in the poem Seeking Thee by Leonard Ravenhill.

One thought on “Expect God to Move

  1. Good word! I always expect God to move. My son recently and unexpectedly passed away. Worse day of my life. But, I needed God more than ever, and I expected Him to move on me and my family.. He did! I was even able to speak ato my son’s funeral. GOD gave me strength, and He continues to guard my heart and give me peace. I’m thankful I could hear His voice through the screams of my pain.


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