The Power of Creativity

One of the things I love about my church is the unique and powerful ways we use creativity to break down walls and inspire people towards relationship with God.  At 12Stone using creativity has always been a high value.  Creativity is important because it helps offer something of a short cut to the opening of our hearts.  Creativity takes the complexities of the heart and makes them simple. (click to tweet)

As a church we desire to help people know the love of God.  To understand the story of God’s love and redeeming work we must remember that the story of God is a love story, but the setting is war. (click to tweet)

So to tell people of the love of God, we leverage creativity.  We recently filmed one of our worship pastors (Chris Morgan) sharing a bit about the importance of creativity in our worship services.  Here is a brief 4 minute video where he shares some powerful thoughts on the importance of creativity in worship environments.

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