Don’t Hide Jesus

Have you ever been frustrated when you buy a product only to find out you have to buy something else just to make the product work? Are there any other parents out there who would echo my annoyance? You get home after getting your kid a great gift only to read those dreaded words…Batteries Not … More Don’t Hide Jesus

Eight Things I Wish People Heard From Us When We Serve

When we serve we use actions to communicate something beyond words.  Most of us have heard the axiom that “Our actions speak louder than our words.”  Through service we communicate things that are either beyond our ability to articulate or beyond others ability to receive with their ears.  Sometimes it is helpful to consider what … More Eight Things I Wish People Heard From Us When We Serve

Who Do You Work For?

What does it mean to lead? When you picture having a role as a coach, boss or leader what are the things you picture yourself doing? What are the pressures you expect to navigate? When I consider roles of leadership and authority I instantly think of 2 mutually exclusive perspectives I have been taught over … More Who Do You Work For?