Bring Someone Along

Could you imagine what it would be like if we saw the potential in each person? Imagine how much hope you would have for your community. Imagine how much vision you would have for accomplishing great things. The trouble is that potential within someone is often clouded by the reality of today. We struggle to … More Bring Someone Along

Be a People Lifter

In a world that is fast moving, take a moment to slow down. In a culture that is harsh, find a way to express kindness. In places where people tend to be minimized, take the opportunity to lift others up. We were created to be people lifters. Take a moment to consider the roles you … More Be a People Lifter

The 2 Speeds of Life

I’ve recently become a commuter and I’m quickly discovering the part of commuting that is most frustrating to me. I’m sure each of us have parts of our daily drive that tend to frustrate – and perhaps my point of tension is different than yours. I really get frustrated by on-ramps and off-ramps. These mini-little … More The 2 Speeds of Life