Support Local

I’m so inspired by the overwhelming good that is happening in this season. Yes there are reasons to worry, but there are far more reasons to be encouraged and inspired by the good rising up amidst the chaos.

There are concerns about the supplies needed in hospitals. Those concerns are being met by everyday citizens who are finding ways to make supplies for their local communities. There are corporations using their manufacturing systems to produce ventilators and other resources needed by the medical community.

There are concerns for the mental and physical well being of our community helpers. Those concerns are met by outpourings of encouragement, applause and gratitude by groups of people, ensuring those serving on the front lines know they are supported.

There are concerns about the stability of small businesses who do not have millions of dollars to ride on in these uncertain times. Those concerns are met by the grassroots efforts of the everyday consumer, who has begun leveraging their influence to support these small businesses and do what they can to point people to them.

That’s where I’d like to direct our attention for today’s post. You see I’ve had the benefit of working for 2 large churches. Over the years that brought me into contact with a number of amazing individuals – some of whom realized that their greatest contribution to our community would involve building great organizations that benefit our world. 

Here are a few incredible local organizations you should know about:

  • Jambos – my friend Rebekah has this incredible vision – to bring comfort to children in the foster care system, one pair of jammies at a time. They are bringing support and comfort to foster kids, families and DFACS workers.

Consider supporting Jambos through tax-deductible gifts or coordinating a pajama drive at your organization

  • Mark McMinn Real Estate – it took Mark exactly 10 minutes to go from “new agent” to being considered part of the top 1% of agents in the nation. He helps make the home buying/selling process as smooth as possible, and exemplifies caring for people first.

Even in uncertain times you are going to live somewhere. Consider leaning into Mark and his incredible team the next time you look to buy or sell. (added bonus – my friends Greg and Alex also work on Mark’s team)

  • Outrun Brewing – Ryan made one of my favorite transitions, he went from being a resident at a church to enrolling in beer school. The move was a smart one, because Ryan has become an incredible brewer and is about to open Outrun Brewing in Stone Mountain, GA.

Consider supporting Outrun by visiting once they open – it will be a great spot to bring a group or swing in on your way to or from Stone Mountain!

  • JasonYoungLive.com – Jason is a fantastic leader who understands that hospitality is essential for any church or business to thrive. Through writing, speaking and various coaching Jason helps organizations put their best foot forward for their community.

Consider checking out Jason’s website and seeing how he could help your organization grow through great hospitality

These are just 4 friends who have created small businesses that are making our world a better place. In this season it’s so important for us to champion those small businesses we love in our community.

So aside from inviting you to check out the 4 great small businesses I mentioned, I invite you to jump online and share one or two of your favorite small businesses and suggest a practical way we could support them in this season.


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