You Have More Within You

Do you remember moving out of your family home to live on your own? For many of us it was an exciting time to experience new freedom and grow personally.

I remember packing up all of my stuff and loading it into…well a car. Let’s be honest I was in college and I just didn’t have that much stuff. I bet some of you can relate. The move from mom and dad’s house required me to maximize almost every square inch of that Honda Civic.

A few years later I was moving into a small townhome I bought. I was so proud to own my own place. I gathered 2 friends, loaded up our cars and made the trek. The whole move took 45 minutes. Pretty sure we didn’t break a sweat. 

I’ve had a couple more moves over the years. Each one required more capacity in the moving vehicles. Accumulation over the years has meant we need larger trucks to make it all fit.

You have probably experienced this dynamic in your own life. When you were 18 or 19 you could load up all of your possessions in the back of a Sedan. Years later you needed 3 Men and a Truck and still wondered if everything would fit. The capacity you needed for moving back then is not enough for today.

Anytime we prepare for a move we consider the stuff we want to move and then find the vehicle(s) with the capacity to carry it all. If we evaluate moving in this way, why don’t we evaluate life’s more important decisions in the same way?

When it comes to moving we allow our stuff to drive capacity. (Based on how much stuff I have I go and find that much capacity to move it all)

In life we tend to allow our capacity to drive us. (Based on how much capacity I have I decide what I am capable of)

Why does this matter?

Because you and I are affected by what is called Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s Law is the concept that our work expands as to fill the available time for its completion. Perhaps you are like me and need that in laymen’s terms.

Let’s say it this way: we rarely have any available capacity – because life seems to eat up the margin.

  • My responsibilities at work expand to fill all the time I have available to accomplish it
  • My personal pursuits into my family/friends/hobbies have expanded to fill all available time on my calendar

Who has time to improve or grow? You and I look at our capacity and allow it to dictate how much we can handle in life.

What if God has more for you?

What if we are inadvertently settling for less in life by allowing our current capacity to dictate what we say yes to and what we say no to?

What if God is waiting on you to create margin for the next thing he wants to do in your life?

No matter where you are in life right now I believe there are 2 things true for you and for me:

  1. God wants more for you in the areas that matter most and is inviting you to create margin.
  2. God is able to expand your capacity as long as you are willing to grow.

I invite you engage this topic through a great podcast conversation on the Buckhead Church Guest Services Podcast. This episode is with our special guest – Clay Scroggins.

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