How Do You Approach Change?

Every growing organization experiences change. In truth change is one of the most consistent things in our life – people change, preferences change, culture changes – if you can name it, it can change.

Change can often be polarizing in nature. 

Our view of change is informed by our perspective. For some change will feel like a punch in the gut, a move in the wrong direction or a step backwards. Others welcome the winds of change as a source of hope for a better tomorrow.

Change is unavoidable. The question for you and I is how do we handle change in a healthy way? I’ve walked through a number of seasons of great change over the years. When I reflect back there are 3 actions which I believe set us up well when it is time to engage change.

Whether the change you are facing has to do with your team, business, church or family go ahead and lean into these 3 actions:

  • Assume Competence– Not every change is the best change or the right change. However when change comes your way chose to operate from a mindset or assumption that those who are leading the charge are competent. Assume they might see things you don’t see yet. Take a posture of trust, because distrust has a way of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Press forward– When change comes your way do not fall into the trap of “sit and wait.” In part things are always changing. There will always be questions unanswered and potential confusion out there. Pulling back will never serve you or your crew well. Don’t hold back in the middle of change, press ahead and create positive forward momentum. 
  • Be Helpful– Change can cause tensions to rise. Change creates pressure. When you and I feel tension and pressure we rarely pause and have the thought, “How can I help?”  In a season of change there is rarely a shortage of opinions, but often a shortage of people willing to serve.

These 3 actions are in no way an exhaustive list of what to do in the middle of change – what actions have you found helpful when engaging a season of change?


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