You Aren’t Just Volunteering

There are moments when I almost miss it. My girls are playing loudly in the house, enjoying each other, wanting me to jump in but I am working on paying the bills so we can keep the house. My wife is home and wishes I would come hang out but I am busy working on a project that will help us enjoy our time together in the future.

These are just a couple of the situations where I am in danger of working so hard “on” life that I let life just pass me by. I can focus so hard working on the house that I miss the most important things happening in the house.

That dynamic plays out in many homes.
That same dynamic plays out in many of our churches.

This is a quick thought for those of you who contribute in some capacity to the work of your church.

Perhaps you volunteer on the weekends.
Maybe you give financially.
Some of you might lead and invest in the lives of others.

In whatever capacity you contribute I want to encourage you to not miss out on the most important thing happening “in the house(the church).

You see we can get into a great rhythm of giving our time, energy, money and effort and it can become almost second nature. It can go from manual to automatic. You can show up and volunteer for that service, speak that message or write that check and miss out on the beauty of what is happening.

When Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God He spoke of a love, care and compassion that is other-worldly.

I say other-worldly because the Kingdom of God that Jesus described is such a contrast to the world we experience each day.

In most of life we feel the gap – the distance between what we read to be true of the Kingdom of God and what we experience to be true in this world. But when we volunteer something unique happens. When we serve and give of our time, energy, money or effort we cause these two worlds to collide.

When we take action we bring the Kingdom of God into direct contact with our world. We bring the reality of Jesus’ love, care and compassion into our world through our service. The Kingdom of God moves from concept to reality through our action.

You are not “just” volunteering. There is nothing ordinary about your volunteer effort. The intangible realities of Heaven are tangibly expressed through you and me when we serve.

You are not just holding a door or seating a guest.
You are not just giving some money.
You are not simply giving an encouraging or timely word.

When you show up to serve at your church you become a practical expression of God’s love, care and compassion towards the person in front of you. You bring heaven to earth in a moment as you serve.


  1. I just read your post and it was divinely Times! 🙌🙌
    I say that because I just finished attending a volunteer meeting for Elevation Church. (Steven Furtick) I volunteer for the Care Team (Online) so frankly, we’re more behind the scenes than say a typical volunteer. I answered various questions, but mainly I respond to emails from hurting individuals.
    Tonight I felt really uplifted by your blog post for a myriad of reasons. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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