Be a People Lifter

In a world that is fast moving, take a moment to slow down.
In a culture that is harsh, find a way to express kindness.
In places where people tend to be minimized, take the opportunity to lift others up.

We were created to be people lifters.

Take a moment to consider the roles you hold in life.

  • Mom/Dad/Spouse/Son/Daughter/Sibling
  • Boss/Employee/Manager/Leader
  • Friend/Co-Worker
  • Team Member/Volunteer/Coach
  • Customer/Vendor/Consumer

With each role you hold in life you are afforded an opportunity. You have the chance to lift others up, to make much of the people around you. You have the ability to promote others, to champion others and to use your voice in their life as a source of hope and encouragement.

We live in a world where every role, advantage and opportunity are often used as a tool of self promotion. Even as you read that last sentence I bet someone comes to mind for you.

Perhaps you are friends with that person.
Perhaps you have worked with that person.
Perhaps you have been that person.

The Apostle Paul was a man who was focused on self. His priorities. His values. His beliefs. His rights. Then something changed.

It must have been confusing for his contemporaries to see this man once so full of himself now challenge his audience to value others above self. He encouraged people to press pause on their own interests and focus on the interest of others. This was not an abstract idea to Paul. This was Paul’s best attempt at describing what Jesus had done for him. Paul was radically changed by Jesus. He is describing the way others can follow in the way of Jesus.

Perhaps this ancient encouragement is still beneficial for us today.

The work of Jesus on our behalf is remarkable. What is perhaps even more amazing is that Jesus used His role, position, authority and influence as a tool to serve others and lift them up. Whatever was to His benefit he (Jesus) leveraged to benefit us.

We are invited to go and do likewise. As men and women who have experienced this selfless, others-focused, make-much-of-those-around-you sort of love we are called to be lifters. We have the opportunity to leverage our roles in life as a tool to lift others up, promote others, serve others and value others above self.

My encouragement? Go give yourself to this work today.

Look for the people God has put in your proximity and find small and simple ways to embody the love of Jesus by being a lifter of people.

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