One of the most meaningful things we can do in life is help people move from being on the outside to being a part of the inside.  One of my favorite ways to do this is through volunteer teams.  People come alive when they find ways to give a little time and energy in service to God, their community or a worthy cause.

Whether you are a team leader, a team member or simply a fan of helping people connect you have the ability to help people become insiders. I want to give you a simple 3 step process that allows people to move from being an outsider to a contributing and connected member of your team.

  • Step 1 – Give Them Someone To Know – Relationships are the first bonding agent on any team. When people have someone to know they have someone to show up and see next time. Making people feel valued and welcomed by introducing them to many people is the most important thing you can do when someone new shows up.  Relationships create a solid foundation for belonging on any team.  The next time someone new shows up on your team be intentional to introduce yourself!
  • Step 2Give Them Something To Do – People show up to be in the game, not sit the bench. Let people get their hands dirty. At first a new person on the team might not carry a ton of weight, but they can make their presence known and have a chance to feel useful.  Let them contribute in some way as quickly as possible.  Give them room to make a difference while embracing the fact that their greatest contribution to the team will come down the road.
  • Step 3Give Them Something To Own – A person is fully engaged on a team when they know their presence and effort makes a difference. Having your name on the schedule, a position that you consistently play is essential for long-term engagement.  A person has moved from outsider to insider when they know that their presence matters and their absence is felt.

This isn’t the only way to help integrate people onto your team, but it happens to be my favorite.  What is your process or method for bringing new people onto your team?