I have a confession – I hate my dog.  I haven’t always disliked him.  When we first got Baxter we loved having him around.  Then we started having kids and my attitude towards him changed.  He became an annoyance.

Now I know what you are thinking;  “why don’t you just get rid of the dog?”  Nora loves that dog – so he is here to stay.  I just have to stuff my opinion of Baxter so Nora can enjoy him.

A couple of weeks ago while hanging out with some family friends Nora declared, “I love Baxter…but Mommy and Daddy do not like Baxter.

Uh-oh!  How the heck does she know that??

That was a helpful little reminder to me that people leak.  I leak, and so do you.  Now don’t go weird or gross – just hang with me.  We constantly leak from the inside out.  Those thoughts, feelings and opinions we carry around eventually leak out and become obvious to the people around us.

Sometimes good things leak from within us:

  • A generous spirit
  • A helpful attitude
  • A positive outlook

Sometimes negative things leak from within us:

  • A distain for certain people
  • A bad attitude
  • A critical spirit

Whatever we carry inside of us will eventually leak to those around us.  Instead of giving up time and energy attempting to stop the leak, why not do the hard work to change what is happening within us?

Leaking is inevitable.  The question is not if we will leak.  The question is what are the things I am leaking to the people around me?