How to Bring Momentum to Your Team

One of the most entertaining teams in sports these days is the Golden State Warriors.  They have now moved from being a great team into the realm of dynasty team.  Part of what has made them so fun to watch is the 3rd quarter runs they put together.  No matter what the score is they somehow find a way to string together one score after another and before you can blink they have crazy momentum.

I wish I could gain Golden State level momentum on the teams I lead.  While the 3rd quarter streak type momentum might be reserved for the Warriors, any of us can bring momentum to the teams we lead.

Whether your team is a volunteer team, a sports team or a staff team consider these 3 ways to bring momentum:

Play – Play is a relief valve for pressure and is a valuable way to add momentum. Play can be as simple as adding intentional positive energy into the mix.  Play helps people on the team remember they actually enjoy their teammates.  Bringing play into your team experience can be systematically planned but still experienced as fun and organic.

Praise – Find the good and build on it.  Momentum is gained when you find praise worthy things within your team and call them out.  Gratitude and encouragement go a long way in our souls.  Intentional praise could be as simple as a private thank you or a public celebration at team gatherings.  Praise allows you to encourage actions, attitudes and behaviors that are ideal on the team.

Pleasure – What makes people on your team happy?  Bring sources of happiness to your team in ways that are unplanned and unexpected.  Starbucks calls this the “surprise and delight” strategy – where something as simple as a free cup of coffee surprises people in the moment and delights them.  Find ways to bring happiness and pleasure to your team and you will find energy to take on the next challenge.

Momentum is never a guarantee, and it never lasts forever.  However by finding ways to bring play, praise and pleasure to your team environments you can cultivate fresh momentum for the season ahead.

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