3 Principles for Recruiting

I get the opportunity to interact with a variety of team leaders in ministry.  Some are in a position where they lead thousands.  Others provide leadership for a modest 2-5 people.  No matter their scope of leadership, every leaders feel the pressure to recruit.

While the need to recruit is universal for leaders, the ways that leaders go about recruiting can be pretty unique.

There is not necessarily a “right” way to recruit – but there are a few guiding principles which I believe serve each of us as leaders – no matter our recruiting style.  Here are 3 principles for recruiting:

  • Recruit Relationally – the best recruiting happens in the context of relationships. Relationships help give the recruiting process a sticky factor.  Sometimes people violate this principle because they need a lot of people QUICK.  Here is a simple thing to remember: the bigger the front door the bigger the back door.  Big campaigns will move people in mass – but a low percentage of people connect this way long term.  Do the work of recruiting the 1’s and 2’s around you.
  • Never Recruit out of Your Need – your pressure is not an attractive quality for someone you want to recruit. People allow themselves to be recruited for a number of reasons.  Sometimes it has to do with making a difference.  For some it is because they believe they will grow or be benefited.  Whatever the list of reasons – solving your pressure is pretty low on the list.
  • People say Yes to a Leaders more than a Role – people allow themselves to be recruited to a position or role, but the leader component is almost always the deciding factor. Become a leader worth saying “Yes” to – that ends up being more important for potential team members than the details of the role.

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